Your pet is unique, so is its portrait



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The perfect gift for animal lovers

 Do you want to give a unique gift to the animal lover you love so much? We offer you the perfect surprise! Being animal lovers ourselves, we know what a joy it is to have a picture of our pet on the wall, we are so proud of them that just having them at home is not enough, we want you eternalised in a picture that reflects their personality.

An artist with a passion for animals

Our portraits are in watercolour and made by the artist João Emmerich, who in addition to his talent with the brushes is a fundamental part of our company. He has a passion for animals and has studied art in Brazil, where he comes from.

His portraits capture the expression of our big-headed companion. Their playful or serious looks, their personality and essence. You can choose between an abstract background with watercolour spots that vibrate with the energy of your pet and are very harmonious in the painting or a plain white background that highlights the natural design of your companion.

The importance of photography 

For the portrait of your pet to be perfect, the photo you choose must be of very good quality. It is important that the whole face can be seen, without cutting off ears or muzzle for example. It must also have light, it cannot be a dark photo. But don’t worry, our artist will help you to choose the perfect photo.


How does it works?

Order via the website

Decide the size of the picture and how many pets you want to have forever portrayed! We are not prejudiced, all animals deserve a portrait!


The artist get in touch

Our artist will contact you by email, where you can send the photo of your pet and receive feedback from the artist, decide how you want the background and follow up the process of the artwork.

Enjoy your painting

Once the artwork is done the artist will send you photos so you can ask for adjustments if you think it is necessary. And then you will receive it at your home. We guarantee that if you don’t like the final result you can ask for a full refund.

Retrato en acuarela


El retrato personalizado de tu mascota con colores vibrantes en acuarela y la mirada que tan bien conoceis! Hecho en papel de alta calidad por el artista de tu elección.



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How long does it take to make the portrait?

The delivery time of the picture depends on its size and how long it takes to choose the reference photo. Approximate delivery time is one week after the reference photo is approved and your order is shipped. 

What if I don't like it?

Really? We have so much confidence in our artist that if you don’t like the result we will refund you the full value on the spot. The truth is that you will love it!

Cats and dogs only?

No! You can send a photo of any pet, we like them all!

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