Furmidable Family.

The humans

The history of

Alejandra Raineri

Joao Emmerich

Alejandra Raineri

Joao Emmerich

Furmidable Family was born as all great projects are born: with a dream and the desire to make it come true! Our intention since the beginning has been to offer not only the best products for animals but also those that are best for the world we live in. That’s why we create organic, locally produced products and take care at all times that the workers who make them are treated with due dignity.

The cats


Alias The Godfather, he was the first from the family, he came from Urugay. Just like The Godfather, he always takes care of the family, cleans his little brothers and sisters and makes sure they are well. He is always making sure we don’t forget to refill the food bowl. Always with his charm and look of wisdom.

Marilyn Monroe

Alias Chikitah, she is a talkative and beautiful cat. As its name implies, it has a charm like no other. She doesn’t like to be grabbed, but she loves to be pampered while she plays the femme fatale walking around showing off all her beauty.


His mystical and paranormal powers are known among intimates. She can see magical animals, vampires and even poltergheists. With her energy full of love she leaves the house clean of bad vibrations, and takes care of us when we are sick. She loves humans very much and is an inseparable companion.


The Greek goddess of vengeance gave her her name and a temperament to match. It takes a lot of skill to cuddle her, just on the head and just when she wants it, but once you captivate her she is pure cat love!


The youngest of the family Orion the Mad Pirate is such a charming and playful cat that no one (not even Nemesis) can resist. He is not interested in getting into fights, his life is a game and all he wants is to enjoy it and have friends. It is a cat with a very special energy.